Ideas and rules for promoting a business on YouTube


Business promotion on YouTube is a series of actions to improve and promote a brand.

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How to create a YouTube channel

To start creating your channel, you need to create a mail on the Gmail website. To do this, fill out all the necessary and confirm confidentiality. In order for the user to be able to upload videos to the hosting, it is necessary to go through the procedure for creating an account on YouTube.

After completing the account, you need to correctly fill out the profile, this will affect the promotion of the business in the future. To do this, add a photo and fill out a profile description, it is also better to leave links to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, if the business has them. Finally, upload your channel cover image.


There are various actions that will help in promoting videos, and, accordingly, business on YouTube. Only in the aggregate will they work.

The first of these items are keywords, tags, links. They should fully reflect the content of the video, the business idea and interest the target audience. After uploading a video to the YouTube channel, to optimize the presentation, you need to perform a number of actions: transcribe the text of the video, reduce the size for more convenient video uploading and prepare a presentable cover. After publishing the video to the hosting, watch it and put the first like.
Feedback from viewers is equally important: comments, reposts, likes. The more feedback, the more popular the video. To motivate viewers to comment, first, you need to create quality content. There are several ways to engage and promote, which together work one hundred percent:

  1. l you need to write out about a hundred comments with questions and without, so that the manager can answer them in detail.
  2. l write about twenty comments and this list for each video (there are special services for this). There are also services for creating likes and reposts.
  3. l post a video on a blog or company website.
  4. l Backlinks will help you automatically log in to the forums. This action will increase the weight of the roller.

Before uploading a video to a channel, you need to decide on its concept and choose a presentation method. Videos should provide useful or entertaining information for the viewer. Without this, all promotion methods will fail and lead nowhere.